Dr. Gene Smith, D.D.

ABOUT Dr. Gene Smith

Making an IMPACT at every opportunity.

Dr. Gene Smith has been a nationally recognized public speaker, keynote and educator for more than 35 years.  He is the founder and CEO of Elite Public Safety Training. Gene is a TCOLE and APCO certified instructor and has developed and teaches several eight-hour developmental workshops.  He is nationally certified as a Public Information Officer.  Gene is a graduate of the SHRM Human Resource Manager course at the University of Texas in Austin. He currently serves as Chief of Staff, with a focus on professional development, for Williamson County Emergency Communications in Georgetown, TX.  Gene speaks at a number of conferences and symposiums each year as well as conducting in-service classes, workshops, and seminars for various agencies nation-wide with a genuine love and respect for those dedicated to Public Safety.  Dr. Smith teaches classes on Leadership, Personal and Professional Development, Proven Employee Retention Strategies, Creating a Magnetic Culture, Practical Stress Management, Critical Thinking, Ethics in the Workplace, Diversity Awareness, Effective Teamwork, Exceptional Customer Service, Sexual Harassment, Creating a High Performance Agency, Managing Conflict and Dealing With Difficult People, among others.  His dynamic and often humorous approach is one of encouragement, motivation and inspiration.